System possibilities

Wireless metering

Remote reading of meters via Wireless

Prior to walking the route, the handheld unit is loaded with the route information file, which can include the location of each account (evoRTM Endpoint).  The route information file is provided via the Route Manager and is derived from the utility company’s customer management and billing system. With the route file loaded on the ruggedized handheld field unit, the meter reader simply walks through the route to automatically and effortlessly read nearby meters. Upon returning to the utility operations center with the handheld field unit and collected route data, the route file is exported to the Route Manager, which then translates the data for the customer account management and billing system. 


Data is exchanged between the Route Manager and a Computer Information System (CIS) and billing system through route files.  Route files read by the evoRoute Manager can include Electronic Meter Reading (EMR) or Touch Read, Manual Reading and Automated Meter Reading (AMR).
Routes, account data and interrogation devices are all managed through the Route Manager.  Route data is transferred between the Route Manager and the evoDrive notebook PC using any removable storage media, most often a USB flash drive.


It allows for remote reading of up to 2,000 meters per concentrator, over a large geographical area. Meters can be read in groups or individually ‘on demand’, and can be identified by their local ID. The concentrators also collect alarm notifications (allowing for instantaneous detection of leaks and tampering) and can be used to remotely reprogram meter interface units (MIUs). A concentrator communicates with its MIUs over a radio frequency (RF) link, and with the utility’s servers via a GSM wide area network (WAN). Several concentrators can be managed from one server. The concentrators are powered by 220V mains electricity, but include battery back-up. The concentrator will signal its utility via the WAN if a power outage occurs. The concentrator’s operating software is compatible with Windows with a client/server architecture, and database synchronization.


Radio module gateway offers basic features allowing you to collect data from sensors (meter, temperature, etc.). It can be connected to all meter types with pulse output.
Radio module with two pulse inputs:

  • 868 MHz frequency with 25 mW transmitting power;
  • Bi-directional FHSS technology for optimal radio transmission;
  • Programmable datalogger;
  • Battery lifetime up to 15 years;
  • Repeater function to extend operating distance.