System possibilities

Principle of operation


The remote parameter control and monitoring system Teliam consists of hardware and software:



  • The software is the SCADA system, intended for processing and saving the obtained data, performing the analysis of data, forwarding management signals to the equipment, graphical representation of the data, automatic warning of the system users on any deviations from the norms and exchanging of data with other systems.


The operation of the monitoring system Teliam is based on a data communication technology, providing the possibility to collect data using GSM/GPRS network and store it on server. Stored data can be automatically forwarded to other business management systems, for instance the billing system or geographical information system (GIS). Consumers can view the energy consumption on line.


The data from any device can be read via the RS232/RS485/Mbus/analogue (current or voltage based)/digital interface and forwarded to servers. The remote readings collection system Teliam can be programmed according to the consumer’s needs and is able to read and control any digital device independently of the manufacturer, type or model of equipment.


Energy consumption monitoring and audit system Teliam:


  • Processes and analyzes the data according to the needs of the consumer;
  • Is easily implemented and easily accessible;
  • Provides the possibility to read electricity, gas, water and heating metering devices by employing a unified system;
  • Provides the possibility to read the data at especially small intervals (the possible reading intervals of the Teliam system – from 10 seconds to 31 days);
  • Operates by supporting two-way communication, i. e. provides the possibility to both read the devices or amounts of materials (produced and stored) and manage the equipment (for instance, activate or deactivate pumps and boilers according to the preset schedule or other parameters, control heating points and other equipment);
  • Provides the possibility to exchange data with other systems. 




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