System possibilities



Periodical readings provide the possibility of continuous checking of the state of the metering device which allows for timely noticing of a power leak, an emergency, discharge of batteries, changes in temperature and pressure and other important parameters and take the corresponding measures.


For the purpose of ensuring accurate and reliable data of consumption, the control of transmitted parameters, minimum operation costs and efficient functioning of the dispatcher unit, we provide the following services:



Net price*

Designing and manufacturing of hardware, programming of PLC (Programmable logic controller)

According to the customer’s needs our company will design, manufacture, programme and implement any equipment, intended for automation of business processes.

 25 EUR per hour

Designing, programming and implementation of software



If you have a remote readings collection system our company can perform the works on designing, implementation, development and integration of software with the existing business management systems as well as the software support and maintenance works.

 25 EUR per hour

Lease of hardware


The remote readings collection system Teliam can be purchased or leased.

 9 EUR per month

Lease of software




We provide the services of collection, processing and recording of data into the databases and lease the software for graphical representation of data. The software can be operated both on our and on the customer’s servers.

According to agreement

Designing, planning, implementation, testing of remote management and parameters control system, training, the warranty and post-warranty maintenance of software and hardware


In case you intend to purchase and implement the remote readings collection system you can apply to our company and we will provide consultations. In addition we can implement the demo version of the system, conduct the training on use of the system, prepare the system project, provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the system.

 30 EUR per hour

Installation of equipment at the customer’s

We install remote data reading, transport control, business processes automation and other systems at the customers’

 30 EUR per hour


* - the prices depend on the amount of the ordered services and are subject for negotiation.