System possibilities

Energy audit system


System “Teliam” enables users remotely read any analogue and digital signals. All data and the actual measurement signal values are displayed at computer or mobile phone screen and it allows to analyze data and find the effectiveness of different devices, to monitor failures and to make energy usage audit.


The energy audit system “Teliam”:

  • Is easily implemented and easily accessible;
  • Ensures reliable monitoring of data;
  • Ensure simplicity of use;
  • Ensures minimum operational costs;
  • Provides the possibility to read the data at especially small intervals (the possible reading intervals of the Teliam system – from 1 seconds to 31 days);
  • Operates by supporting two-way communication. Provides the possibility to read the devices or amounts of materials (produced and stored) and manage the equipment (for instance, activate or deactivate pumps and boilers according to the preset schedule or other parameters, control heating points and other equipment);
  • Processes and analyzes the data according to the needs of the customer/consumer;
  • Provides the possibility to exchange data with other systems.

Distance measurement remote signals


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